This is our new friend, Batista, from Power Time. (Um, Batista is on the left.) He is the strongman there, lifting huge weights, wearing all the gear and eager to discuss how strong he is. "Casi como Arnold!" he proclaims, flexing his biceps. "Almost like Arnold!" (You know, the governator.) And Batista is really strong. He can do pull-ups. Anyone over 25 who can do pull-ups impresses the hell out of me.

When we first started going to the gym, he was remote and standoffish. But, somehow, without trying, I’ve charmed him. How do I know? Because about two weeks ago, he started calling me La Jefa [HAY-fa]. Which means The Boss. You say it like you say l’chaim, with that almost gutteral h.

Unfortunately, to the gringo ear, no matter how you say jefa, it still sounds like heifer. If anybody calls me this in Key West, I will have to kill them. And by the time I get back there, with Batista as my personal trainer and inspiration, I’ll be able to do it with my bare hands.

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