With no daily U.S. newspaper here, I get my comic strip fix from online. Just for today, Dilbert is my strip of choice. He is sometimes just plain silly. Sometimes, not funny. At all. But when he gets it right, it’s perfect. Like today:

Dilbert_online_3When I’m not out gallivanting around the country, I’m online reading and writing about it. I spend a little time everyday in the forums, getting information, sharing what little I know.

There’s a forum and/or a Yahoo group for EVERYTHING, by the way. Go here and type in any subject. You’ll find a group discussing it… often in great detail.

You can sign up for any number of other comic strips here. Delivered right to your email. I miss my newsprint, my morning paper and coffee. But, ojalá, at least I still have my Dilbert!

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