Eyes_before No, this isn’t my Halloween costume. Although it’s pretty scary. To me, anyway. Whatever happened to that cute aerobics instructor who used to appear in my photographs? I know she’s in here somewhere. Yesterday, I went looking for her at the Rosenstock-Lieberman Plastic Surgery Center in downtown San Jose. They are going to help me find her for only $1,900 and a little bruising. Such a deal!

Yesterday afternoon, I met with Dr. Cohen. He will "do" my eyelids, upper and lower, next Tuesday morning. Which would be Halloween. Is that prophetic? When he asked me when I wanted it done, I said "soon." He offered "tomorrow morning"… yikes. I would have loved that, but I’m running lights for the Halloween show at the Little Theatre Group this Saturday and didn’t want to risk being too swollen to read my light cues.

Everyone goes in costume to this production. Since I’m already bleached blonde, I’m going as Madonna at 51. Pre-surgery. It will not be pretty.

So, only $1,900 for this little nip and tuck. My girlfriends in the states paid $5,000. Here, it’s usually $1,500 but I need to have the lower lids pulled to the side which costs $400. He said I will look oriental for a few days, but that will go away. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And why do I need this little extra? Because, and I quote: "Your fat pads are big. You don’t want a bunch ‘o skin hanging under your eyes, do you?" Nice. I will wait to smack him after the surgery.

I need to be there at 7am to see the cardiologist for a test ($60), then surgery at 8. I’ll be there for a few hours, then go home in the afternoon, sutures out in 48-72 hours. Baddabing.

Sounds like the hardest thing is going to be no eating or drinking from midnight the night before. Not so bad, but this includes no coffee in the morning. Ouch.

While I was in the waiting room, a young woman (at least she LOOKED young) gushed about how great R-L is. She was with her mom who had just had some face surgery. She had bruises under her eyes and no other bruising so I’m thinking she had the same thing I’m having. (Sounds like I’m in a cafĂ©, doesn’t it?) Anyway, she’s still breathing…

I’m psyched. Expect a full report with photos. And the return of Sargeant Sally, little miss fitness 1988. At least her eyes. I wonder how much for a full body re-do?

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