October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Pink is the order of the day. My Aunt Susie, my mom’s baby sister, died of breast cancer at the age of 49. My sister in law, Megan, 40, has been fighting the beast for 8 years now. She is losing the battle, but God what a warrior.

Think pink! Buy pink flowers (sending these Gerbera daisies to Megan today – I used Martha’s Flowers before I found this flowers for the fight website), wear pink underwear, shirts, shoes, nail polish. Pink pants! YES. I need some of those!!! Send the white, er pink, light wherever you think it will do the most good. Generate enough pink energy, we could change the world.

You know, I’ll bet if we could harness all that energy put into writing those emails from Nigeria from long lost relatives who died in a car crash who happen to have $8M dollars sitting in a bank account that they need my help to transfer to the states… if we could harness that energy alone, I’ll bet we could find a cure for breast cancer AND asthma.

Thinking pink? Thank you.

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