"Today’s the day!" as Mel Fisher would intone. The Little Theatre Group‘s production of "Come Back…" opens tonight at 7:30p at the Blanche Brown Theatre in Escazu. Tickets are 1500 colones ($5) for adults and 1000 colones ($2) for students. You can’t do better than that for live theatre!!!

I play Sissy, "a fun-loving sexpot who married the local alpha male"… oh yes, some typecasting going on here. That’s me in a nutshell. In the movie and on Broadway, Sissy was played by Cher. Not her best performance, but she was so fascinating in Moonstruck and absolutely spot on in Silkwood, who remembers a lackluster Sissy?

This is the only Robert Altman film I didn’t love. Robert is probably not losing any sleep over this. I remember when the movie came out, I just didn’t understand it. I went mainly to see Cher, then fell in love with Sandy Dennis‘ twitches. I thought that was acting… which it was there for a time. Everybody twitched after that.

There’ll be no twitching tonight… you’ll have an enjoyable evening, lots of good laughs, a little pathos, and wine at intermission. Yes, we got everything!!!

SHOWTIME: Three weekends, this and the next two. Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30pm, Sundays at 2:30p.

DIRECTIONS: Turn beside the Perimercado in Escazu right across from Tony Roma’s. When you get to the "Y" just behind the Perimercado and across from Pizza Hut, you’ll head left.

Proceed down that road, past the Argentinian restaurant (El Novillo Alegre) on your right, past the Bella Horizonte on your right, take that next right.

Proceed up this road, you are in a residential neighborhood, you’ll squeeze past a huge mango tree where the road slightly narrows, a little café (The Mango Tree Café, oddly enough) on your right. You’ll come to a "Y" in the road where you see the Kaos center sign: take the left fork.

Proceed about 300km or so… you’ll come to a bunch of parked cars and a guard. The "theatre" is on the right. It doesn’t look like a theatre from the outside. The Blanche Brown Theatre is in Blanche Brown’s house (hence the name). The guard will get you parked. Walk thru the gates into Blanche’s driveway, around the back… get a ticket, get a refreshment, get a seat. Voilà! Live theatre the old fashioned way.

See you there. Hang around after and say hi… Pura vida!

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