Rehearsals are in full swing for Come Back to the Five & Dime Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean. I play Sissy, a brash buxom bleached blonde, the part Cher played in the movie. The plan was for me to wear a wig for this part, a hideous idea: hot, itchy and I’d have hat hair for the opening night party. This could not be allowed to happen. So I decided to bleach my hair blonde. I’ve been blonde before, no sweat.

Besides, it’s true blondes have more fun. Everyone opens the door for you, coats get tossed over puddles, guys tell you dumb jokes, people assume you are good in bed. And everyone talks much slower to you, using one and two syllable words whenever possible. This would be a bonus in Costa Rica where everyone talks rapid-fire Spanish. With all these advantages, why not risk having a head of straw?

I asked on the Costa Rica Living Group, an online local’s forum, for a sylist to do the deed. Most respondents warned me away from doing this in Costa Rica due to the products used here, which I know nothing about. I appreciate that advice. But I was willing to risk horrible hair not to have to wear a wig for the play.

Vallarta Vicki (see? I’m not the only one with a psuedonym) recommended Nataly at the Beauty Club in Escazu. I called Nataly but she had to see my hair first (that was good, I thought). I went in so she could see what she was going to work with. I asked a zillion questions and, although I have no idea if she answered correctly or not, she certainly sounded like she had done this at least once before… so I made the appointment for yesterday.

De_blondeNataly did a two step process: first she stripped off the old color (I had dyed my hair dark auburn), then she bleached it out. The whole thing took almost 3 hours, cost $80. She did a GREAT job. It looks fabulous, my hair is silky and shiny, not a head of straw by any means. Of course, it’s shocking, but we’ll get used to it. Nataly’s cell number is 347-2262, if you are local and want everyone to think you are great in bed. Not that you aren’t.

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