enough David [da-VEED] for ‘dis broad…


Welp, that’s David. A bustling, energetic capitalist city selling everything you can imagine. No sign ordinance here, oh no. A bit overwhelming. We didn’t go into any of the stores, except for the cell phone store… I bought the cheapest (mas barrante) cell phone they had with a phone card and a car charger… $40 total. Here’s the store, have you ever seen such a selection???

David_cell_storeDavid_cell_store2_1And while I was in there, at least 10 people walked in and bought cell phones, all at least $100 flip phones! Amazing. There’s a business. But it’s the same all over town: tons of shops selling tons of stuff to tons of people.

We spent the night in a comfortable hotel, met an expat and went bar-hopping. All dark, loud bars. Not our thing, but hey, when in David… And not unpleasant if you like that sort of thing. And SO cheap. We bought a round of drinks and a plate of fries and it was $10 for 6 of us. And one of the women had a frozen drink with an umbrella in it!

Panama David is in the Chiriqui province, right next to Costa Rica on the map, bottom province (ok, ok: "southernmost" province). If you click on the map, this takes you to a much larger version on Wikipedia, my favorite resource du jour. Er, del dia.

Since David did not spin its magic with us, we left first thing the next morning for Boquete (bo-KE-tay, 40 minutes due north of David), which has apparently spun its magic on hundreds of expats. Looking forward to seeing this "little Alpine town."

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