This is a photo of the INS building (the "private" insurance company) in downtown San Jose. See the bright white disc in the upper right of this photo? In that cloud? Guess what that is? Er, who?

Visitors, of course!!! UFOs. And everybody sees them!!! You can see one in Costa Rica and you don’t have to keep it a secret. I LOVE that about this place. Not that I’ve ever seen a UFO. Or that there’d be anything wrong with me if I had. At least, not here.

When unusual Visitors hover about Costa Rica, it’s news alright. Front page news. They look up and they wonder.

A news photographer, an actual professional, took this photo. Quite by accident – he was covering the events surrounding Oscar Arias’ winning the Presidential election here. Other journalists got photos, too. You don’t see these newstories in American newspapers. ‘Cept maybe the NY Post. Or the blue paper.

Are special Visitors floating over Falls Church and we just aren’t reporting it? Or do they avoid the U.S. altogether? Trying to avoid restricted airspace? So they don’t get shot down. Hmmmm. I guess that would convince me to choose a different flight path.

This link will take you to the full story in A.M. Costa Rica*, our online English-language daily newspaper. In that story are links to other stories and other photographs of previous events. This happens with some regularity here. Apparently, increasing regularity! Cool.

Looks like we are definitely not alone in our little corner of the universe. But of course not. How could we be? We are WAY too much fun to watch.

UPDATE: This from A.M. Costa Rica today 5/22/06:

Another sighting of UFO

"Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

We saw the UFO too, but we were on the road coming from Escaz├║ to Santa Ana around 3 in the afternoon.  A business partner from New York City saw it and called it to our attention.

The first time we have ever seen anything like that. I thought it was the reflection off an airplane, but then a real airplane flew by for reference. Nope not an airplane.  Then it just disappeared.  Really neat.  Thanks for publishing the pictures.

Dan Chaput
La Guacima"

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