Bernys_2Berni’s (BEAR-nees) is our favorite local lunch spot. It’s right in Santa Barbara, the fish is fresh and they spice it up real nice, fry it, add a little salad, maybe some
papas fritas (french fries, although we have a new resolve to give up papas fritas), diet coke and voilĂ : a meal better than any American raw bar!

The ceviche is excellent also. I have that on diet days. Which are unfortunately all too rare. And the arroz conBernys_3
camarones: rice and shrimp. Delish!

At Berni‘s, not only do you get a delicious lunch for two for $5, they play old BeeGees video tapes (see TV in upper left of seating photo). Constantly. In fact, everytime we are there for the last 3 months, plus the one time we were there last December. They like the BeeGees.

Occasionally, we get to see other oldies but goodies, mostly old Motown hits, or really REALLY old "America’s Funniest Home Videos". But BeeGees is a staple – it’s always on at least once every visit.  Last week, we went to Santa Barbara’s "in" place for lunch, Banco Marisco’s. Not nearly as good, way more pretentious (if there is such a thing in a village in Costa Rica) and almost 3 times more costly! And no BeeGees.

Berny’s has done nothing to upgrade its ambiance, it’s tourist allure. Talk about doing one thing and doing it right! It’s 100% unassuming… fresh fish and young BeeGees. We are hooked.

When you come for a visit, look forward to lunch at Berni’s. It’s a treat!

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