She starts… Yesterday, we woke to another gorgeous day. By 1pm, the skies were dark. At 2pm, the rain started and it poured for 2 hours. A wonderful storm: complete with a little thunder and lightening. Then it stopped and was clear and beautiful again. Like this morning. Amazing.

The locals are complaining about how dry it is here… Ha! Looks pretty damn lush and green to me still!!! True, it hasn’t rained since December. We’ve had a couple of pretty tiny showers up till yesterday, but they were just the pre-show warm-up.

There are only two seasons in Costa Rica: the dry season (aka summer: December thru April) and the wet season (they don’t call it winter, just the wet season: May thru November). They tell us it’s beautiful in the morning, which is when you go out if you are going out that day. It rains in First_rain2
the afternoon, starting around 1pm, then clears up just before sunset. That’s exactly how it used to be in Key West in the late 70’s, early 80’s… before developers.

Just kidding!!!! But it really did used to be that way. We’d have early morning rains, then late afternoon rains, and the rest of the time sun. And humidity.

Being on the side of a mountain, we don’t experience a lot of the humidity. Not like at the beach. But it rains a LOT in the tropics no matter where you are. Like Rita rain every day. It pours down – at least it did yesterday and this was the first real rain!

You look at yesterday’s puny rain and you look at the 3′ ditches on the side of the road needed to funnel away that rain and a picture starts to form in your head about how much rain we are a-gonna get. I’m bettin’ plenty.

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