For A Good Time

Go here and surf around these real estate deals… oh my goodness, some of these homes are CHEAP. There’s a house in Costa Rica up in the hills behind Alajuela with two acres of land for $27,000. And a U.S. house with land for $7,000 total and 52 bids! Ok, so maybe it sits next to a heroin den, but still.

North dakota houseHow about a house in North Dakota for $1,725??? So winter starts in June in North Dakota… at least you could afford to heat the house.

I saw a Gentleman Farmer’s Home in North Carolina asking $85,000: $8,000 down, seller holds the rest. Two acres… wow.

Real estate, it’s like a drug. I’m actually getting high. Who needs heroin?

Especially while listening to this:

I just discovered her… how is this possible? Do I live under a rock??

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  • “How about a house in North Dakota for $1,725??? ” —>that’s quite cheap indeed! Just that I don’t think I can stand the cold if the winters start in June!
    Anyhow, the video you posted was just amazing… well, the music at least! Would you know who she is?
    Cheers and more power to your blog! 🙂

  • I just rewatched The Wizard of Oz to get “grounded” again. Somewhere over the Rainbow is my absolute favorite and this girl sings it beautifully!
    No one (Ticos, non-Americans) ever gets my references to the “Oz” movie. They’ve never seen it. How is that possible?
    “Were not in Kansas anymore Toto.”
    “There’s no place like home.” You know.

  • james

    coincidentally, a few years ago I recorded that very song as well as another she sang “Fields Of Gold” by Sting. More coincidence; I listened to them on my iPod not too long ago while I paddled my kayak in the clear, warm, shallow waters around Key West. It was one of those still mornings when the rising sun made the sea look like molten gold..not even a ripple. I am sure you have seen a few of those scenes when you lived in Key West.

  • Hi Roca, She is Eva Cassidy. She died in 1994, I believe, at age 33 of skin cancer. Then she became famous! I went right into iTunes and bought Songbird, Fields of Glory, Somewhere over the rainbow, Tennessee Waltz and Wayfaring Stranger. My husband and I just stare at each other in amazement, she puts tears in our eyes from the first note!
    Teri, I hear you. I’m going thru a Key West homesick phase right now, need to get back for a visit… usually cures it!!!
    Oh James, now I’m more homesick! How lovely for you… I can see it.

  • Sam (you know)

    Wow! Powerful and moving. Dreams can/do come true (at least some times). Sally, we’re returning to our dream in KW on 11/25 to spend our 1st Thanksgiving at “home”. Our daughter will definitely be there and we hope our son can make it also.
    Definitely know what you mean about missing it. Even though we’re there 7-10 days every month, we hate to leave and long to return. Thanks again for finding the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Let us know when you’ll be in town.

  • Hi “Sam”, I love hearing how much you love that house! I don’t think we’ll be back for a visit until early ’09, but definitely then! Yeah, eva cassidy is something, eh? Wow. Hal and I listen with tears in our eyes. See you next time – love to “Janet.”

  • kberdahl

    “How about a house in North Dakota for $1,725??? So winter starts in June in North Dakota… at least you could afford to heat the house.”
    Hey Sara,
    I was born and raised in ND, and I can tell you for a fact that winter doesn’t start in June; it starts towards the end of July. Get it right! 😉
    Praying for Mo.

  • Sorry, KB, I’ll be better on my fact checking!!! Mo is good, so good, like nothing ever happened. Amazing. Hey, great link!

  • Chuck

    Yeah–I believe winter in ND *ends* in June. 🙂
    And the……………….gal in the…………
    video does……………..indeed…………….have a……. ………..very nice voice……….but her………timing did kind………………..of bug me.

  • I don’t even like jazzy things but we have listened to her pretty much non-stop…

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