In the USA, I mean. No potholes, no gravel, no pavement dropping off the side down the mountain. No missing manhole covers. No ditches. No roads (so far) that go from pavement to gravel to rutted riverbed to pavement to riverbed to grassy knoll… well, you get the picture.

No terrified pedestrians waiting to cross the street… in fact, U.S. pedestrians are brazen. Yeah, they step right off the curb and cross anytime. Sometimes without looking!!!!

No horns. I miss horns.

And drivers here are so coddled: streets are named here AND they have signs with their names right on them at every corner, some with the street numbers included so you know about where you are all the time. It’s so cluttered looking. I mean, can’t anyone remember what road they are on for more than three blocks???

There are one way signs on all the one way streets so you don’t get to play the guessing game to see if a street is one way or not. In Costa Rica, you have to approach a corner slowly, wondering if you can turn right or left, needing to see which way the cars are driving or parked on that street, since there is no other indication. Correction: sometimes there is an arrow painted on the road. Often wrong, because city elders change the direction at some point in time but not the arrow. Waste of paint.

Drivers let you in here. That is so co-dependent. What, they need to be liked?

U.S. drivers stop for red lights and stop signs. That is interesting. They don’t stop in the middle of the road to run in a store for a minute. It’s all so… boring here.

I miss Costa Rica and I’m not even unpacked yet.

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