Famous last words, but I mean it this time. There isn't a bone in my body that doesn't ache. When I lay down, omg, it is heaven of the sort you only dream about.

Our current net worthWe have nine bags and three laptops Hal and I: pretty much our net worth. To add a level of fun you can't get just anywhere, I've lost my passport. Sweet. Because, you know, I'm really in the mood for a challenge.

First thing in the am, Hal is going to the airport with 7 bags and I'm going to the U.S. Embassy with two. Supposedly, I can get an emergency passport in time to catch the flight. Ojalá, that would so so good. But, you know, I will live either way.

the second-to-last supper If I don't get it in time, it will be a good excuse to camp out at Barbara's house, one of my amigas nuevas de Costa Rica. She was at the Second-to-Last Supper: she's the one waving in the back.

Going clockwise around the table from 7pm is Ginnee, Phil, Sam, Hal, Barbara, Steve, Annie and Jorge. Good company, good soup, excellent salad, homemade bread, iced tea and wine. Perfect meal.

DSC_0029 Ginnee and Phil spent two nights with us, left this morning with two truck loads of excellent crap. They bought some beds, tables, y misc otras cosas [other things]. I gave them all the kitchen stuff and the linens, figuring I'll get to visit my crap when we return next year, at least for a day. What I didn't take into account is packing all that stuff up. Granted it was "free" but have you ever packed up a kitchen? Free, my butt. I bet they were wishing they'd paid top dollar for it all and had it packed when they got here!!!

They worked like slaves packing everything up in boxes and towels so none of it would break on the way home. (Phil does not throw things in a box: he packs meticulously.) They basically moved me out of that house in two days. I am forever grateful and hope to return the favor. Actually, no, I never want to help them move from where they are. They gotta perfect forever spot, those two.

- nye 2008 Like Lisa and Tom who just took us to the absolutely-this-is-it Last Supper at Casona de Laly. Lisa and Tom are theatre buds and another awesome option for a last minute sleepover… They have settled beautifully in a house up the hill from me. The best place on the planet to watch Costa Rica's NYE every-man-woman-child-dog-and-cow-for-himself fireworks display.

But, right now, it's 8:15: bedtime. I need to get up by 4 so I can rout through the bags of trash in the garage and see if I can find my *&@($* pasaporte.

Maybe I'll stare at the view for a minute or two first. I'm not too sad unless I'm actually hugging someone for the last time for at least a year, then I cry. Otherwise, we are both numb, too tired to feel. This is a blessing. More to be revealed when I land on my alternate universe (hopefully) mañana.

Pura vida, paz y abrazos, Saratica

UPDATE: It's 11:30am, I am at the airport, ready to board. Got to the embassy at 7am, got to the airport at 9am with my emergency passport! Checked all those bags, plenty of time for free coffee and chocolates at the Café Britt store… hasta la vista, mis amigos!

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