View from yard 3 I'm back in Costa Rica as of Tuesday. Looking out over my 180 degree view of the central valley and the mountains of Heredia and Alajuela beyond, listening to my chickens beg at the kitchen door. Man, those girls can whine! They know the good stuff comes outta the kitchen door and they like to make sure everyone knows they are available to chow down. Too funny.

I miss living in Costa Rica already. Especially being immersed in Spanish. I was so desperate to hear Spanish while I was in Kentucky, I stopped a busgirl in a restaurant and tried to strike up a conversation. The boys, who are both in the states now, shake their heads and grimace when I do that. Then, because my Spanish is not that great and, unbelievably, gets worse when I'm trying to talk to someone new, they have to interpret for me.

This young woman, like most of the Spanish speaking population in the states, is from Mexico, another accent-and-colloquialism-rich language entirely. Bewildering to me… but I am determined to keep what Spanish I have, perchance even to improve. Hal will teach English there to keep up his Spanish. I am seriously considering taking Spanish lessons with Charlene via Skype. Easy and affordable, both big selling points with me. Mr. Badgett takes her lessons and, now, unbelievably, his Spanish is way better than mine! I can't let that situation continue. Not that I'm competitive.

Last week, a guy rented the house furnished and bought the scooter. Yahoo! Last night, he told us he was not moving to Costa Rica after all. Something about his son loosing his scholarship… Boohoo. I can't begrudge him that: heck, we're moving back to his neck of the woods. So now I have to sell or ship all my excellent crap. I'm giving the renting-furnished idea to Sunday, then selling what we don't ship. Getting organized today. (Hahahaha, "organized"… what a concept.) Anyhoo, if you know someone who wants to rent a nice house real cheap in Escaz├║,
here are the details.

Back to getting organized. Oh, wait, maybe a cup of our great Costa Rican coffee first. I'm not procrastinating. It's just that, pretty soon, I'll have to settle for Maxwell House…

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