Sally is still in the ICU at San Juan de Dios hospital in San Jose. She is much improved. She is spending ever longer periods of time conscious and disconnected from a ventilator. The IV antibiotic treatment is making progress against her pneumonia. She has no liver damage from the overdose of Tylenol she took.

She is in good spirits, retains a sense of humor despite not being able to speak for the volume of plastic tubing in her mouth, and is eager to leave the ICU and the hospital.

In keeping with her desire to be the best, she is now very likely the healthiest critically ill patient in the ICU. We still have no word on when she can expect to be out of that facility. The most optimistic assessment of her condition any doctor will offer is "delicada."

Sally has finally achieved her dream of an extended immersion in a Spanish language environment. The first word she wrote yesterday on the writing tablet she now uses to give me orders was in Spanish.

Sally and her family greatly appreciate the warm outpouring of get-well wishes and prayers both religious and pagan. 


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