So, I'm sitting here at my desk, working away, when I hear a loud continuous squawking from the backyard. I knew from my compadre La Gringa's blogicito that when a chicken lays an egg, she trumpets the news. This sure sounded like trumpeting to me! I ran out to the backyard and found Lucy* sneaking out from behind the old coop (where it's dark). I looked and here's what I saw (click on photo to make it larger):

First eggWow, TWO eggs. Oh, man, I was so excited. As was Lucy! She was holding out her wings and strutting around, still squawking loudly. I almost feel bad for taking the eggs.

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but, when I picked up the eggs, you could see where she had dug a little nest. All of us were out in the backyard by this point, so we started looking around for other nests and more eggs. We found one other nest, but no more eggs.

So, two eggs! One warm, fresh out of the oven, the other cold. You know, I remember yesterday hearing a big squawking commotion but I was all wrapped up in something (putting up a new anti-war tshirt) and didn't go investigate. I can hardly believe I missed the first egg!!!

But, no matter, today we have huevos [WAY-vos]! Delicious, fresh, high-in-Omega-3s (because they eat kefir everyday) huevos! Of course, Hal couldn't resist pointing how these were $85 an egg eggs. No matter. The rest are free.

*I knew it was Lucy because she's the biggest of the two brown hens. Eva is the other brown hen, and Ethel is the darkest brown hen. I knew you were wondering.

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