22 niv 2008

Fiesta de los Diablitos
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This festivity is a re-enactment of a fight between native american indians (the devils) and the spaniard (the bull). Using masks, wearing wooden clothing, dancing and fireworks entertain this show. There is art dealing and selling of national products as well as imported goods.

South of San Isidro del General. Located in Boruca de Rey Curré.

"This symbolic celebration is of a post-colonial origin, it represents the tireless struggle between the Spanish and the natives. It encompasses the whole process of the historic confrontation of our great-grandfathers as well as the defense our ethnic cultural values. This struggle was also in defense of the traditional social system of the aboriginal peoples – their culture, their forms of communal organization etc. It was recognized very early that the new ideology and methodology inspired by the colonist was to the detriment of our way of life, our environment and our ancestral knowledge and resources. Today we, their descendants, are suffering the consequences: the elimination of the forests, the drying up of our rivers, the rapid extinction of our native fauna, the brazen extraction of our archeological heritage, the contamination of land and waters.” (Rodolfo Rojas, Brunka leader of Rey Curré, 1995)

The indigenous territory of Rey Curré is found on both sides of the Río Grande de Térraba, some 230 KM from San José in the canton of Buenos Aires, Costa Rica.

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