25 march 2008

Despite my Kentucky upbringing which included stern warnings to avoid sex, politics and religion in polite conversation, I'm straying into politics. Just a warning in case you are so polite you want to skip this.

You may have noticed my crush on Ron Paul. I gotta thing for libertarian geezers. Really late at night, like 9:30pm, while I'm playing solitaire, I listen to Dr. Paul videos on YouTube. At first blush, he seems so out there, suggesting the U.S. strictly adhere to the Constitution. What a wacky idea! The Constitution is over 200 years old. It doesn't apply today!

Suggesting that the U.S. government operate within its means. That our primary concern ought to be fiscal responsibility rather than spreading democracy. That because we print up money willy nilly, we are devaluing our currency. If I printed up money, I'd go to jail. Why can a government do it? The whole reason counterfeiting is illegal is because anytime you print up money without any check and balance, you are stealing from everyone else. That's a crime.

Over the past two years, with no job and plenty of time to pay attention, some things are adding up. Like how today's government has abandoned the Constitution. D

Living abroad with time on my hands, other things have become abundantly clear. Like if we are getting our news from any MSM source – including but not limited to MSNBC, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC – then using that "information" to form opinions and ideas about how to govern our everyday lives… well, no wonder the U.S. is in such trouble. The MSMs feed us pablum manipulated and sterilized by its advertisers and our government. Fear sells and it's all about the money. I get a clearer picture of what's really goin' on from other papers around the world and the Onion News Network.

How the rest of the world views the U.S. and her citizens is a surprise to any who cross their own borders. We are not liked; we are certainly not respected. No wonder. Not only are we bullies, bombing the crap out of peasant countries on charges proved patently false and occupying 130 other countries in the world, but we can't even take care of our own. Our economy is failing and the dollar is crashing.

As my Key West mentor likes to point out in her Macon accent: "We uh-LOUD it tuh happen."

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