Remember my pithy play on words en Español regarding my natural seat when it comes to horseback riding? Well, I wrote to Christopher Howard, the expat expert on Costa Rican Spanish.

He asked:

“First, you need to explain what is a ‘natural seat.’ I have never heard the term in English. Then I can try and find out what it means or tell you how to explain it in correct Spanish. I was never into horseback riding so am unfamiliar with the term.”

I wrote him back:

“A ‘natural seat’ just means that I sit well on a horse. Some people, like, say, my husband, can get on a horse and never be comfortable. He always looks like he’d rather be anywhere else. Not me. Basically, my butt was made for horseback riding… unfortunately, it’s my claim to fame.

A tica friend suggested soy jinete innata [I am born to be a horsewoman]. Does that work?”

P.S. This friend also suggested I might use soy Amazona innata [I am hugely innate], but I’m not sure I want to use the word Amazona in any sentence to describing my seat.

He said:

“Her definition is good and you can use it. However, you could give a more detailed but verbose explanation:

Por la forma de mis glúteos los cuales se acomodan a la forma del lomo de un caballo precisamente, yo nací para montar a caballo.

[According to the shape of my butt which fits the shape of the back of a horse I was born to ride horses.]”

I’m not sure I want to describe my butt in such detail. But I do yearn to be accurate… I guess I better get to practicing this phrase right now so I’ll be ready the next time the subject of horseback in relation to my butt comes up. Bound to be any day now.

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