Here's the other thing: of the 985 cases of confirmed HiA, 25 have died. That's 2.5%, a pretty impressive number for a disease. But all the dead were Mexicans. Why is that? We know the baby who came to the U.S. had other health issues. I read that he was premature but I can't find that article now. Still looking…

Having lived through too many hurricane hysteria events to count, I am immune to MSM/gov induced hysteria. You learn to look for the truth behind the numbers before "taking precautions." Florida newspapers love reporting the number of deaths from a hurricane. What you come to realize is that, almost anyone who dies during a hurricane is considered a death caused by hurricane. If someone has a heart attack during a hurricane, the hurricane caused it, raising that 'canes coveted top-level position on the danger scale.

But is that accurate? Maybe that person's heart disease was caused by eating too much pesticide-laden GMO aspartame-filled food and drink, all approved by the FDA. Maybe he wasn't exercising enough and drinking too much. Maybe just genetics or bad luck. Maybe he'd just heard some very bad news and the hurricane barrelled by minutes later…

Edgar ground zero My question is: what really killed those 25 people? What were their ages? What condition were they in? Of the 985 cases world wide, 590 were in Mexico which means 565 Mexicans recovered, including that adorable Ground Zero boy. How does such a mild flu kill a person unless that person's health were compromised some other way?

Are there any investigative reporters left? If so, why aren't they asking these questions? Where is 60 minutes? Oprah? Jon Stewart?

MSM reporters aren't asking these questions because that would dispel the fear. There's no fun in that scenario! The MSM is owned by pharmaceutical companies, obviously via the advertising dollar ("Ask your doctor if ____ is right for you."), but perhaps via lobbyists as well. Big Pharma sure doesn't want you calm: they want you stocking up on Tamiflu and lining up for a vaccine. They will put the kabosh on sane information leaking to the public.

teachj.wordpress.comYou know, maybe the WHO, the CDC and Janet Napolitano are really just the self-important hysteria junkies they appear to be, sinister only in their foolishness.* Maybe it's just that they're getting their news from Channel 5, too. Is it a complete waste of time to yearn for an MSM outlet with the guts to seek out, then print all the facts?

*You know I think there's more to it than that. But just suppose for a minute they are just fools. Because the only other option is evil.

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