A commenter left a link to this article. Hal translated it for me:

As near as I can tell, they are proposing to kill all the pigs and cows in the country to save us from swine flu. They've dredged up the plan that was made in 2005 for Mad Cow hysteria. Apparently, a plan like this is too good to throw away.

They plan to bury the animals in mass graves somewhere near the airport. Farmers are against the idea. There's no evidence to indicate disease has passed from animals to humans.

A spokesperson from the President's office said "There's no evidence that swine flu spreads from pigs to cow, nor that mad cow spreads from cows to pigs. Nevertheless, there's no evidence to assure us that it couldn't happen in the future. Selecting and eliminating the animals is the best way to prevent that."

Nobody talked about disease passing from animals to humans.

In regard to swine flu, he added, “No podemos eliminar la posibilidad del sacrificio de algunas personas, por el bien de la mayoría. Claro, sería una respuesta extrema pero quizás necesaria.”

TRANSLATION: "We can't eliminate the possibility of sacrificing some people, for the well being of the majority. Of course, that would be an extreme solution, but perhaps necessary."

The President's office later added that perhaps his remarks were "a bit hasty." And comfortingly added that, at the moment, there were no plans to sacrifice human swine flu victims to prevent the spread of the disease.

NOTE: Erin tells me this newspaper is Costa Rica's The Onion: satire. And just like The Onion, they nailed it. Swine, er, HiA hysteria has gotten so out of hand, a Final Solution seems the likely next step in "controlling the outbreak."

Because, meanwhile, the WHO, in its infinite wisdom, is seriously considering taking the alert level to 6, the highest level. Because this baby could backlash, coming back even stronger, causing people to, like, throw up or something.

Get this: leaders worldwide are taking credit for the flu not being very bad!!! They've "stopped the spread of the virus" by closing schools and soccer games. What bullshit. The thing ran its course, it's over, "leaders"… you had nothing to do with the severity or the spread or the duration. HiA got "out of hand" before you could do anything, except scare everyone who watches the MSM exclusively.

Okay, okay: maybe a few more people are washing their hands more frequently. Hopefully not with disinfectant soap, though. That teaches the germs to come back stronger.

The only way this thing could "backlash" – brace yourself, I'm now wearing my right-wing-extremist-conspiracy-theorist hat – is for some bio-terrorist in an unsuspecting third world country who has something ugly in a test tube to unleash it (which many people, including a few MSM guys, think is how this strain of swine flu came about), making the WHO, the CDC and Leaders right in their fear-mongering.

Because, otherwise, those guys and gals are going to look like total idiots for terrorizing the world over basically a cold and a headache.

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