You might have surmised by this time that I’m a tad obsessive compulsive about some things. What therapists like to call an Addictive Personality.
Like ten blog posts in a day, then nada for ten more. I’ll have chocolate pie from Robin’s Kitchen every Thursday for months, then one day, no more. If I give up something, I give it up 100%. Compulsively. Like I just gave up coffee (for the millionth time), switched to green tea. Now that the five days of headaches are over, I feel great. Never going back. I hate being a slave to something.

addiction these days is U.S. politics: the tea parties, campaign for
, ron paul, jon stewart*, glenn greenwald,, charlie
(and john stossel), norml, lew rockwell, freedom watch on (don’t tell anyone) fox.
I follow these young
as they rv their way across the u.s. Even this guy who has the economic situation pegged and forecast. And my new favorite: Oath-Keepers – love these guys! (Is this the outfit Janet’s all worried about? Probably… makes me love them more.)

BTW, I’m avoiding the caps key because it sticks and slows down my typing. Somebody’s teenager spilled coke on it.

My two primo issues these days are H.R. 1207, Ron Paul’s one page bill
to audit the Fed, and the war on drugs, specifically the ridiculous war on
. Nobody’s ever died from marijuana use, but
plenty of people have died from the drug war. Seriously: don’t get me

visit five days out of seven and write long sincere letters to my reps about
whatever the latest threat to our freedoms are. I am a junkie. And I don’t want help.

Even in Costa Rica, I’m busy writing letters*… Already today, I signed a petition to tell the Pesticide Peddlers I support Michelle Obama’s right to have an organic garden, Facebooked several political videos, Twittered a couple of other political links, just read this heartbreaking article on the U.S. of Monsanto… Who has time to blog or work? Or exercise? That’s the thing about an addiction: it takes over.

I miss blogging, though… I hope you can live with the politics. I’m thinking I will start a political blog where I can post all that junk to my heart’s content, then tweet it over here. If I can get that out of my system, then I can blog. I gotta LOT to say still and it’s piling up. Um. I’m just going to run over and watch Alex Jones for one minute. I’ll be right back.

*Jon’s love affair with Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House and a big mucky muck on the House Ethics Committee (doesn’t that name make you want to giggle?), makes me a little sick… at least he’s funny even when he’s wrong.

**Scroll down to page 2, then about 2/3 down the way of that page to the letter re: banking privacy and war on drugs.

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