A serious moment here. As a Libertarian and freedom advocate, I enthusiastically support keeping the Second Amendment intact. Bottom line, without the second, there is no first. Without the first… well, imagine that for a minute.

Unarmed citizens are easier to control. The Founders knew that. They were so convinced the right to bear arms is an essential liberty, they wrote the amendments just to cement certain guarantees.

The Second Amendment was put in place to allow citizens to
protect themselves, either from an attacker or from a government gone bad, either ours or another's.

Obama said he wouldn't take our guns and I believe he won't. Not outright, anyway. Like gun control advocates before him, the plan is to take away little liberties from every aspect of gun ownership, making it as difficult and expensive as possible. In the end, I believe he will take the guns if he can think of a good excuse. I believe all governments prefer unarmed citizens.

The Ammunition Accountability Act has been introduced in 18 states. The U.S. government wants every bullet encoded so that each bullet you buy will be registered in your name. The stated intent being that, when a criminal uses a gun, said criminal will be traceable.

I know. Pretty ridiculous, eh?

Criminals don't buy their guns or their bullets legally… they steal someone else's or buy them on the black market after they've already been stolen or illegally purchased. Then they use those weapons in crimes. Except for madmen like Hennard, the shooter at Luby's. He bought at least one of his guns legally. But, then, he wasn't trying to hide, was he?

Our elected representatives are either stupid enough to believe this would work or as sinister as Alex Jones says they are. Either way, it's bad news for us. Obviously, the only people who will be kept track of with gun laws are law-abiding citizens.

Imagine a world where only criminals and cops are freely armed. Who benefits? I can only think of criminals and cops. Who am I leaving out?

In every place where guns have been banned, armed aggression by criminals has skyrocketed. Skyrocketed. In the UK, armed aggression is at frightening levels and citizens are jailed after defending themselves. The terribly proper and law-abiding Brits lost their right to bear arms. They see what a big mistake that was. Now even terribly proper British grammas and grampas are fighting to get it back. And they are warning us not to let it go.

An Obonus: along with the Ammo Act in the states, H.R. 45, Obama's first gun registration bill, is in Congress. This will require a fingerprint, psychological exam, and tests on gun cleaning, caring, etc. before being allowed to purchase a gun. One would think this would be helpful in curbing crime, but criminals won't take these tests!!! They don't buy their guns from a gun shop. Everyone knows that but legislators, apparently.

And wanna-be criminals with no record will pass them. Hennard is now believed to have been schizophrenic, but had never been
diagnosed. He would have passed the tests. I know a lot of
crazy people who act sane, even if only briefly.

Speaking of crazy, did you know every school shooter was on an SSRI? Every single one. Seems like we are banning the wrong thing.

And why do mad murderers choose gun free zones to do their killing? Hmmmm, gee, that's a tough one. Personally, I want my kids going to school where everyone is armed to the teeth. Oh, wait, they do.

Gun registration and a multitude of tests will be totally useless when
it comes to curbing crime. Once again, the only people affected by
these laws will be law-abiding citizens.

"So what?" some people say. "So you are inconvenienced in the hope of stopping one senseless murder." Here's what: since every bit of research and history says these laws won't prevent even one single senseless murder and will, in fact, make your immediate world more dangerous, they are simply a further incursion on our privacy and freedoms. "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security." (Ben Franklin) I'm not willing to sacrifice an essential liberty, not even a tiny little infringement.

If loss of an essential liberty isn't a concern, there's this: since these laws have no hope of success, they are a monumental waste of time and only create more bureaucracy, more paperwork, more taxes and more pensions for more government employees at our direct expense while law-abiding citizens are out of work, out of pensions and out of homes.

At the very least, we must tell our representatives to stop wasting our resources, in this case, their time on our dime. If they want to curb crime, tell them to think of some productive way to get that job done besides making everything illegal or else go home. At least that way, they can't do any more damage.

Remind them while you have them on the phone, that if they vote yes to your no (or vice versa), you will vote no for them next time around and encourage like-minded friends to do the same. People who take the time to call their representatives take the time to vote and your reps know it. It's all about keeping the job.

UPDATE: I just wrote to my Congress people here. On the right, about a third down the page, you can enter your zip code to Find Your Officials. Directly under Write Your Elected Officials, is a link to your Federal and your State reps. I chose Federal for the H.R. 45 bill and wrote to my three People in one letter. The Ammo Act was not introduced in FL.

You can also keep track of what bills are before your people right now. Then, you can sign up to be notified every time your people vote and how they voted. That's handy. Here's my letter:

"I am a registered voter and I vote. I am active and vocal. If I were a one issue voter, protecting my Second Amendment rights would be the issue.

I request that you vote NO on H.R. 45. This bill will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals, it will not protect children or adults. It will only make gun ownership by law-abiding citizens more difficult and expensive. And it will make each of us less safe in our homes.

The only people who will be monitored by gun registration laws are law-abiding citizens, not the criminals who are presumably targeted by legislation like this.

Useless legislation wastes tax dollars and your time on our dime. This bill will not curb crime, it will only create more bureaucracy, more paperwork, more taxes and more pensions for more government employees at our direct expense while law-abiding citizens are out of work, out of pensions and out of homes. If Congress can't think of effective ways to curb crime, just go home.

Gun control laws only work for criminals and cops, a fact our Founders knew only too well. Imagine a world where only criminals and cops have access to firearms.

Vote NO on H.R. 45."

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