Help! I’ve been compromised. Amnet just called. The guy asked if I use Outlook for email. I do… how did he know? Then he said the Saratica account was sending out 10,000 spam emails via Outlook. This has been going on since yesterday.

So… whaddya do about that? Wolfie? Anyone?

I closed Outlook, I’m doing an AVG scan. The Amnet guy told me to get WireShark so I did and installed it. Sadly, I have no clue what to do with it.

Do I have to give up Saratica? Would I survive that? Do I have a keylogger on my computer? How would you find out if you did? How does a hacker get your email account to send out 1,000s of emails??? And will I get one of them?

I just checked my email account online at gmail and there’s 756 spam messages. I swear I just checked that yesterday or the day before and emptied it. I’m lost. I need to go around changing all my passwords but I’m afraid someone is e-following me and will get them and my last $2.

So… what do I do now? I’m sitting, staring at my computer, watching the AVG spyglass go round and round. Surely there more I can do.

UPDATE: No viruses found. The Amnet guy called back. Apparently someone set up a virtual email account on my computer or on one of our computers using the Saratica account… so it doesn’t go thru Outlook or gmail on line. It just resides on a computer in the house and sends out boatloads of emails. If my virus software doesn’t find it… how do I find it? Just throw away this computer? Ack.

Must be some kinda money being made with spam.

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