Now that the boys are both on heavy doses of antibiotics and prescription medicines – pills, nasal sprays, liquids, all the crap I am trying to cut out of our lives – and couldn’t possibly get sick, I can move on to the other thing that gets me going these days: U.S. politics and the economy. Like you, my friends all send emails with wild rumors, jokes and youtube links extolling the virtues or evils of a particular candidate.

Fun for awhile, but basically ho-hum. Neither of these regulation politicians could effect a bit of change. Nor will we have any left by the time they are done with us! Personally, Obama is way easier to stomach, but I don’t think it matters a bit who wins.

Spreading the wealth
Obama will Spread the Wealth, taking from the rich guy to help the poor guy. This will not help the rich guy ever (except the really rich guy who can afford to buy votes) and will not help the poor guy over the long haul. This tax system is precisely NOT what the Founders had in mind; in fact, just the opposite. A government that punishes productivity and creativity is the very one from which they revolted.

McCain won’t be any kinder to our tax bill. He’s just making different promises. If he died in office and Palin became President… Ok, now I’m scared.

My write in voteMcCain will have to increase taxes some way some how to keep Spreading Democracy, another item that has the Founders rolling in their graves. They formed a non-interventionist peace-mongering government. They would be aghast at a government that slaughters peasants in a third-world country in the name of Spreading Democracy (since the initial reason to bomb them was shown to be a lie, er, mistake, they had to think of something else.) It’s ludicrous.

The U.S. government has abandoned the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the name of fighting the War on Terror. A war without a defined enemy that can go on forever. This abandonment will continue and grow stronger in the name of fixing the economy, which they can’t do because their idea of fixing it is more of the same. Just keepin’ up the skeer so they can keep their hands in our pockets, right next to our RFID-chipped National ID card.

So I threw away my vote on my conscience. I wrote in Ron Paul. God, that felt good!!!

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