The great news is that this morning I walked into Ryan’s room at around 5am because there was a funny noise. He was sleeping with his MOUTH SHUT and sorta snoring through his nose.

The tamponas have a tube running down the middle of them to help breathe. THEY WORK!!!!! It was so exciting to see this, I almost cried. Yahoo.

The interesting tidbit is that yesterday, some young tica pretty much proposed to Hal on the phone. Sight unseen. Yeah. If she saw him, she’d definitely want to marry him: he’s old, he’s pretty good looking for a geezer, he’s a gringo so rich (that is funny). The conversation went like this:

Hal answering the phone: "Hello?"

Tica: "Esto es la prensa que tiene una advertencia para empleados?" [Is this the business that has an ad for employees?]

Hal: "No, usted tiene el numero equivocado." [No, you have the wrong number.]

Tica: "No está una prensa?" [This is not a business?]

Hal: "No, esto es una casa. Lleno de gringos que hablan español no muy bien. Como Tarzán." [No, this is a house. Full of gringos who don’t speak very good Spanish. Like Tarzan.] [Obviously.]


Tica: "Está casado?" [Are you married?]

This is where Hal’s memory gets a little sketchy. He’s positive he answered – gleefully and without pause:

Hal: "Si y soy muy feliz." [Yes, and I’m very happy.]

I’m going with it. He is, after all, a very smart guy. Obviously.

Still getting him a hat.

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