Do you have an old (working) sewing machine tucked away in a closet? Ginnee will put it to good use:

Angel_babies_3I need used sewing machines for the Voz Que Clama Mission. American women have them sitting in their closets collecting dust. Would you ask your blog readers to please donate their old and working portable machines? They will change lives here while being put to good use.

Angel_babies_2_2Here is one of my projects, Angel Babies. We are making them to give to Indigenous children. The Mission also needs cloth adult diapers that can be washed and reused. If they had a few sewing machines the local women could make dolls, diapers, protective pads for the bedding and other things.

The white doll is 25 years old, belongs to my daughter and was a gift that I made. She has an assortment of stuffed dolls and animals that I made for special occasions. The brown one we made is already owned by a special Indigenous child.


I had a sewing machine before I moved here, for which I paid $129 at Sears. It sat in my closet for two years before it sold for $10 at our moving-to-costa-rica-yard sale! Hope whoever bought it is using it.

If you have a sewing machne, whether you are in the states or in Costa Rica, email me and we’ll figure out how to get it to Ginnee. Where there’s a will and all that. Whatever I lack in will, Ginnee more than makes up for! She’s organic gardening, building a house AND working toward a better world. Pura vida!

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