My friend, Dara, just wrote asking about plastic surgery here… "for a friend," she said. Right. It’s ok, Dara. Trust me, I understand. Actually, since Dara is still in her 30’s and gravity has not yet begun it’s most serious work on her, she probably really is asking for a friend. Bet she keeps the info handy… You just aren’t 30 forever, even though you think you will be.

I remember the first time I looked down and saw that my hands looked like my mother’s. You know: old. That was a shocker. More than the first wrinkle. Gosh, that was a long time ago.

If you’ve read the blog for awhile, you know I had my eyes done here. I would not recommend my surgical team, even though I’m sure 99% of their surgeries come out perfect. Mine didn’t. Nothing terribly bad. I’m still beautiful and young looking, but I’ve got a funny bump beside my left eye and occasional pain under the eye, like there’s a bump under the eyelid or something. Have to get it looked at. I am going back to this team, let them take a look. They are lovely there and very busy. Before I damn them completely, I need to give them a chance to explain. Before I have any repair work, I will get a second opinion from another doctor, one of the people below.

Funny, kinda feels like I’m talking about my car and not my EYE! But if it were my car and they screwed it up, I wouldn’t take it back to them… I’ve always reasoned if a car repair place could have done it right the first time, they would have. Somehow, I don’t feel the same way about my plastic surgery.

Makes no sense to me either. I’ll keep you posted.

Dara’s friend wants to find out about liposuction. That’s the only thing I cannot watch on tv. Gross. But people love the results. Since I had my surgery, I’ve met LOTS of people here who’ve had one thing or another done. My really great looking friends have recommended these people (not in any particular order):

Dr. Oscar Suarez – very highly recommended by a bee-you-tee-ful friend.

Dr. Alejandro Lev (great name, huh?)
506-232-5515 (from the states, you dial 011 first)

Dr. Luis Pastor
Recommended by my GP here; I didn’t use him because I couldn’t find his office. I could find it today…

Dra. Anabelle Salas Pereira
Plastic Surgeon at CIMA hospital

This is the website for the association of plastic surgeons in Costa Rica.

A friend who has lived here a long time and had great plastic surgery said, "There are many docs in Costa Rica that practice plastic surgery that are NOT plastic surgeons…Same as in other countries." This site has a database of all medics registered in all specialties.

Plastic Surgery Journeys, a forum about plastic surgery outside the U.S.

Here’s a forum post. You may have to join the site but it’s free and easy to do.

Here’s a Fodor’s forum page with links to other forums

MakeMeHeal message boards

MakeMeHeal doctor directory with reviews

Another excellent resource – good to read first!

I’ve found that most people who’ve had plastic surgery are ECSTATIC about sharing their experience, whether pro or con. So if you want to write someone from a forum who’s had the thing you are having, you will likely get a response with TMI.

I also found a youtube video and then the full transcription from a 20/20 segment on plastic surgery in Costa Rica. But the video was chopped to emphasize the bad and the 20/20 anchor was a bit of a fear-mongerer, like she was hoping something ugly would happen so they could sell more ads. I didn’t include it here, too slanted, but you will find it if you search Costa Rica plastic surgery.

ALL, with the exception of the glitch in my left eye, of our medical care, from colonoscopy to teeth cleaning, in Costa Rica has been exceptional. At least as good and usually much better than we ever had in the states. Plus, it doesn’t come close to breaking the bank. Even if we had to leave here, we’d come back for our health care. It’s that good. Most of the doctors here have trained in the states and most speak at least passing English. You do want to know exactly what your doctor is saying…

Pura vida. I’ve said it before: you can afford to live that here.

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