Today is Ryan’s 15th Birthday – exciting enough to bring me out of hibernation! Hard to believe it was 15 years ago my fairy God-mother handed over this tiny bundle of love! I remember looking through the little pane of glass in my front door, after waiting all day for their arrival, finally seeing Sherry and her sister Nancy walking through our gate, carrying precious cargo.

We had to pay part of the adoption service fee "upon delivery" (brings a level of reality into the fairy tale, eh?) Well, we’d been saving nickels… so we gave her $2,000 in nickels. She said that was a first.

Ryan and I spent today hanging around. This afternoon, we went to the video store and rented The Brother’s Grimm. Fun movie – Ryan is a movie addict, like his grandmother.

Who made him his current favorite dinner (homemade chicken pot pie, green beans and mashed potatoes… a boy after my own heart), and a beautiful cake. AND she wrote a poem that made me cry when she read it:

My grandson Ryan
Has the heart of a lion
Handsome, clever, full of fun
What more could a granny ask of one?

His nose in a book
His heart in his eyes
But, for me, the greatest surprise:
He loves the movies and caramel popcorn
Thank you, my love, for being born!

All true. We are a lucky, lucky world to have Ryan on this earth with us. What a love!

Mo_bday_cake_2003 You know, I could have made him a cake, but Nana insisted. Here’s a cake I made for Mo’s birthday a few years ago. Pretty, huh?

I insisted on making all the birthday cakes, not buying them like all the other mothers. Despite the fact I cannot cook a lick. This cake is such a disaster, it’s hard to believe I wasn’t going for the look. But, hey, there was never any left. I figured that was always the final word.

After dinner, Ryan pointed out that next year, his birthday, January 20th, would be an exceptionally good day because it would also be W’s last day in office. Sigh. We must be doing something right.

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