The wind has been non-stop gale force since New Year’s Day. During Key West hurricanes, weather personalities gleefully report "gusts up to 70 mph." Well, there are gusts here up to at least 40 mph, which is tropical force. The trees are all bending and waving. That wind, she’s a HOWLING past our windows, loudly. And we are freezing. I have on two pairs of fuzzy socks. Seriously, the wind chill factor probably puts us in the low 40’s. Isn’t this the tropics?

Local lore says this howling wind signifies the official end of the rainy season. For Costa Rica, it’s summer now, although it sure doesn’t feel like it. January is the coldest month and I’ll tell you, it feels and sounds wintery around here. I’m all confused on Costa Rica’s seasons. Maybe it’s seeing all that snow in Denver – we get Denver networks. Their weather reports are snow, snow and ice, freezing rain, car wrecks, people lost in blizzards, avalanches, "powder" like that’s a good thing, and more snow. I seriously don’t understand the attraction.

On the other hand, at least you can ski there. Just kidding. Why would anyone do that? Skiing must be better than sex to spend an hour getting dressed into clothes that you can’t move around in, go through the whole car routine (de-icing windows, getting the skis on the top, shoveling the driveway…), then drive in all that dangerous mess to a mountain where the wind can really get some force going. Get out of the car that is finally just warming up, struggle with those skis and drag them to the ticket booth. Spend $50 to ride a swinging car for 30 minutes up to a mountain TOP, hop off without falling on your face and breaking a ski… You are finally at the top ready to have some kinda fun, you are freezing, likely wet, everyone is better dressed than you, plus now you definitely have to pee. Five minutes of screaming hilarity later you are at the bottom.

It took you at least three hours to have five minutes of expensive fun. I can have just as much fun under my covers in only 15 minutes. Sometimes less. I can still have hot chocolate afterwards. And I don’t have to peel off four layers of clothes to pee.

Perhaps I’ve strayed a little off topic. Back to the weather.

This so-called "tropical" part of the world has not seen significant sunshine since at least October. And precious little in the months before that. I guess the temperature should not be surprising… These winds will be worth every frozen moment if it’s bringing back the sunshine to warm up my mountain!!!

I am so ready to feel the sun on my face, see it out my backyard, reflecting off my shiny razor wire, blinding me when I look out the window. House bling, doncha know. And, hey, Al. On the news last week, snow flurries were reported in central Florida! Global warming? What’s up with that?

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