Hal and I got home about an hour ago and the fireworks are still going off all around us. My LTG friends, Lisa and Tom, had a party at their house which is straight up the hill from our house. You know how we are always bragging about our incredible sweeping 180 degree view of the entire central valley? They have an even better, vast-er view. Probably 500′ higher, no trees, no houses, not a single thing blocking that unbelievable vista. Perfect place to see all the fireworks.

And what a show! The Booms have been sporadic all day, but started in earnest around 10:30pm. Steady… then from 10 minutes till midnight till almost 1am, it was deafening. We were 2,500′ above the fireworks and miles away and, at the high points, you couldn’t talk to the person standing next to you!

When we got home, Mo had taken a video of The Big Moment from inside our house with our little Canon point and shoot. It is a microscopic tidbit of what we saw at Lisa’s, and of what he saw from the house… He says it sounds like you are in a really busy bowling alley.

If you can stand it, watch the whole thing and turn the volume up a little for the effect. ALL of the black in the video is actually lit up in real life, but the little camera can’t get it all in. When you look out over the valley at night, all you see are lights. Take the lights you see here and multiply by 100. At least.

Next year, we will take a real video. You just won’t believe it. This kinda fun is against the law in the U.S. You know, protecting us from ourselves and all. Funny, after tonight, I believe this is the sound of freedom. I hope you are feeling as free. Blessings on us all! Happy happy 2008.

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