Blessings all around! The fireworks stopped at 12:35am sharp. Like last year, there was a final burst of bottlerockets shot from right in front of our house. Then silence. Everywhere. Oddest thing…

We finally put up a tree so Angela, my maid, would stop crossing herself and shaking her head every time she walked into the house… She was very happy to see it!

I’d planned on getting a Norfolk pine in a planter, like we had in Key West. But, Jorge, our Spanish teacher got wind of that idea and immediately set out to find us a Christmas tree in a pot. Friday, while the boys and I were in Quetzal, he brought over this pine tree. He was so pleased to have helped. And it’s perfect!

At least it was until Hal broke the top off getting it out of the car. The top third of the tree, just above the first ball, is taped and wired into place… I guess it will become a Christmas bush now.

Se esta viniendo un baldazo aqui [say aye-STAH vee-knee-IN-dough oon ball-DAH-zoe ah-KEE, we are getting buckets and buckets of
water here
]. Cloudy and gray, but very quiet. The boys are in Jacó with the Badgetts, taking surfing lessons, soaking in a little sun.

Wishing_youThis morning, I took my mom to La Cárpio so she could serve Christmas lunch to the ladies. You can still smell the dump all around you in La Carpio. Be grateful for whatever you have, even if it’s less than what you had yesterday. It’s hard to say who is worse off: the Cabecar Indians living in the mountains who have nothing to compare their lives to? Or the people in La Carpio who can see how the other half lives a short bus ride away and KNOW there is more?

We are very lucky, you and I. I have everything I could ever want. Gracias a Dios y bendiga a tu casa.

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