The boys got home Sunday night – Mo’s 16th birthday. Sixteen. Wow. You don’t think about that when you are holding them in your arms as tiny babies… Now he’s flying auto-gyros.

They had a good time, worth the trip: seven hours going (the took the wrong road, one with LOTS of construction), about 4.5 coming back, including two long stops. It’s nice knowing Samara and the Nicoya peninsula is not that far away! Sometimes you need a nice HOT beach weekend…

I’ve not been blogging much lately, fixated on creating an income, revamping my Key West real estate site, making it more friendly, less gloom and doom. There ain’t nothin’ nice to say about Key West real estate. It’s depressing as hell. But plenty nice to say about Key West, so I’m going to focus on that!

And trying to finish the book. Writing a book is harder than it looks. It’s really written; the details are endless. I think they multiply in the night. I’m getting there, but I gotta stop talking about it, making promises. Hate making promises I’m not sure I can keep. So one day, my book will come… I promise.

And more on Costa Rica living tomorrow. I pr… o… mise.


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