Hal and Mo went to Samara yesterday to an Air Festival put on by The Flying Crocodile. They drove, took about six hours from what I can figure. Hal emailed me this morning:

Got in yesterday around 5:30. Got to the airport at about sundown. Going there again today. Cell phones don’t work. No AC. No hot water. Paradise just like I remember it. One of us will call if the other is killed in a plane wreck. We both love you.
Pura vida,

God, what a romantic. Here’s a video of what they are doing, probably right this minute! I had to turn down the music… way too loud, although a pretty funny choice… You’ll definitely want to do this next time you are here!

As they left, they were talking excitedly about taking lessons… I mean, you get 30% off flights and lessons at the Air Festival – why not? It’d be foolish to pass that up, right? They’ll probably come home with one strapped to the top of the car. Actually, I could hang with that idea…


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