The Old Me is going to be inhabiting my body for a few more weeks because, sadly, My New Spiritual Training Ground had to cancel its weekend seminar for lack of interest. Too bad, because I’m anxious to dive in. Are there really so few seekers in Costa Rica? Here’s what I seek and what they offer:

Yoga_ring_sat_yoga_institute"The ancient science of Sat Yoga comprises a form of Self-inquiry, of meditation, and the practice of inner deconstruction of the many layers of the false self in order to achieve Liberation in life. As part of this work, we encourage the sustenance of a healthy lifestyle in accord with strict ethical parameters, in order to strengthen and protect our practice. And we teach a variety of different preliminary techniques in order to prepare the body and mind to be able to receive and contain the higher energies that we learn to attune to in our meditative practice. These techniques have been part of the Yogic path for many centuries and are of proven value.

The ultimate aim of Sat Yoga practice is the falling away of the ego and the complete realization of the One Self. This attainment is actually the beginning of the spiritual life, not its end point. Since we are already That, no techniques are necessary for this achievement. It is simply matter of removing the blinders, the veils of ignorance that occlude the pristine sublime nature of our timeless reality. By learning to silence the chattering mind, to be fully present with an open heart, willing to accept the Great Mystery that is our Being, to live in boundless openness and playfulness, the grace of the Supreme Loving Presence comes to permeate our field of energy and consciousness. We become the natural embodiments of the supernatural Essence that all along we had been seeking. We are That. Live the highest truth now, surrender the ego to the Presence that encompasses you, unite with the infinite loving power, and all blessings shall be delivered unto you. This is the true practice of Sat Yoga."

Who wouldn’t want to achieve Liberation in life? To remove the blinders that occlude the pristine sublime nature of our timeless reality? To live in boundless openness and playfulness? OK, in some ways, I’m already living some of the boundless playful thing. But I suspect, nay KNOW, there are deeper levels to go. Definitely ready for all blessings to be delivered unto me. Like an income. And weight-loss.

Just kidding. I know those are shallow blessings. I mean, I’ll take them. But suddenly I’m wanting more. Remember when I said, "You know that feeling there is something else going on, but you don’t know what it is?"*, that feeling is back lately and pretty strong. Maybe because my mom is here. Yeah, I’ll blame it on her. Because, you know, that’s always worked so well in the past.

Whatever the cause – and I’m really not big on reasons and blame, what a waste of time trying to figure all that out is – there’s something going on inside me. I’ve been feeling this way for the past few months. It’s ready to surface big time, like in the
first Alien movie. I feel certain I will find out "what" via Sat Yoga. I’m ready to deconstruct the many layers of the false self (unless it hurts) because they’re in the way of the "what."

And what does all this have to do with Costa Rica? If I wasn’t living
here, unfettered by the mind-numbing pressures of work, phones ringing,
society and constant shopping, I wouldn’t be so aware of the what
wanting out.

Yeah, pretty profound, eh? Stick around, there’s more where that came from. Somewhere.

*I remembered where I heard that line when it struck me so hard: Diner. Great movie.

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