I heard this from a speaker at a conference not too long ago. It really hit home. As a wife and mother, you learn to live this phrase, take self-pity and whining out of the equation, or life is completely unmanageable. Like, when you are sick and they are sick, you just keep going no matter what. One of the best lessons I ever really took to heart.

Not by choice. I don’t think we learn the really hard lessons by choice. But when the s–t hits the fan, when my back is up hard against the wall, if I’m lucky, I hear a voice in my head reminding me of a tool, a phrase, a slogan, that guides me to do the next right thing. This is one of them. And it’s so good because it covers a lot of ground.

If my kids could learn one thing from me, it would be "So what? Who cares? Do it anyway." I’m saying it more often in the hopes that, when they are up against the wall and mommy is not around, this phrase might magically ring in their ears. This and knowing how to solve their own problems will get them farther in this world than any amount of American History ever will.

Here’s a guy who takes both lessons a step further. Proof that persistence and determination will take you places an A in Geography won’t:

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