Dogs_playing Boo and Winston are inseparable, stuck to each other like white on rice. In the mornings, I open one crate door and that dog rushes to the other’s crate door. They race around all day, taking the occasional nap.

Winston_napsWinston naps on a pad next to my
chair. Not only is he a farting, belching, slobbering male, he snores.
The complete package. Boo naps (quietly) under my desk on a rug.

Boo is six months younger than Winston and wears him plumb
out. By the end of the first night Boo was here,
Winston was snoring by 9pm. I had to wake him up to put him in the
crate! Very sweet, these two.

And both also stuck to me like white on rice… wherever I go, they go. When I visit el baño (I know, TMI), they both stand at the doorway, wagging their tails. When I eat, one is on either side, jowls on my lap. When I walk up the stairs, I have two cold noses on the back of my thighs. Very funny and very sweet. If you want to know unconditional love, don’t get a teen or a husband. Get a dog.

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