From: "G" (That’s all I know…)
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 10:03 PM
Subject: High school

Any Information regarding Lincoln Private school or other school for 14 yr old american for 9th grade?


Hola G,

We’ve tried two schools so far. If you click on Schools under the Categories column (on the left side), you’ll get the posts about our school experience. For now, we continue home schooling, as we have from the beginning. We tried the schools here, gave it a good shot, but it just didn’t work for us.

From all my reading and talking to people, if we were to send our teens to school, our next stop would be the British School. The teens I’ve met that attend the British School seem well-read, well-mannered and intelligent.

If our boys were small, we would go back to the European School. We loved them, and the kids’ program is excellent. But their high school sciences program was not great and that is important to us.

Lincoln gets high marks from some people, too. But my direct recommendations lead me to believe the British School is the best choice today. Who knows!!! It’s very individual and you have a lot of affordable choices here. You know, St. Cecelia came very highly recommended and we were very disappointed.

Good luck! When do you arrive?


P.S. We now refer to ourselves as U.S. citizens or "from the states"… as opposed to being "Americans". Ticos are Americans, too. Central Americans. It is an important distinction pointed out to us in a stern manner…

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