A friend sent this to me today… yo soy simp├ítico!

Buenos dias mis amigos,

I used to be a Wall Street Yuppie but I’m OK now.

Strutting around lower Manhattan in my designer suit, ‘the’ most fashionable tie that cost as much as the average Costa Rica earns in a full week and my favorite Allen Edmond shoes, I foolishly thought that making serious money was one of the most important keys to happiness.

What a shmuck!

It’s nearly impossible not to get caught up in the rat race. As soon as our children can watch that intellectually poisonous black box we call television, they are addicted to what’s advertised as the best, the fastest, the most famous designer labels, celebrities and someone else’s definition of success.

But deep down, we know that it’s all a load of crap, don’t we?

Many friends have visited us in Costa Rica and they often say that they are going home, returning to the ‘real’ world but they are wrong. This is the ‘real’ world.

My years in London and my decade on Wall Street (1985-1995) were spent in an environment that is artificial in practically every way.

Today living in Costa Rica, I make less money each year than I made each month in years gone by however, never have I felt more free, happier or more content than I do right now.

Thank you Costa Rica for giving me a peaceful and happy place to live, for reminding me to work to live and not to live to work.

Thank you for teaching me patience, to laugh out loud again, to love without reservation and to live like there’s no tomorrow.

Thank you for providing me with so many wonderful fresh fruits, vegetables and a healthy diet that are keeping me feeling young and vibrant.

Thank you Costa Rica for teaching me to forget about instant gratification and helping me to ultimately find peace of mind and a truly satisfying life.

Thank you Costa Rica! Home of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles.

Scott Oliver
Founder of www.WeLoveCostaRica.com

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