A viable business is one that meets a need, that is commercially viable and therefore profitable. With a reasonable chance of succeeding. Hopefully, the results of the efforts include satisfaction for all involved. Happy customers, happy owners. We are looking for just such a business. And are meeting some per-ritty interesting people. Like Frank.

You’ve probably heard the phrase tica linda [TEE-kah LEAN-dah]. It literally means pretty female Costa Rican. Although not derogatory in itself, it has become an idiom used to describe the young tica wives and girlfriends of aging gringos. As in "Those old farts are just down here lookin’ for a tica linda." I imagine the phrase was coined by a disgruntled gringa left behind. But I’m just guessing.

Yesterday, Jal met with Frank who wants to sell his brand new export business. Frank had gotten divorced in the states less than a year ago and moved to Costa Rica. He started the export business, and was just getting it off the ground, when he met and married his tica linda. They’ve been married about six months now. He doesn’t speak Spanish and she doesn’t speak English. No matter. They "get along real well," says Frank.

So well, in fact, that he’s introduced several friends to their own tica lindas. And they are all getting along great. So great, in fact, that Frank’s abandoning, er, selling his start-up and going into the tica linda match-making business.

Clearly a need is being met. Everybody’s over 18. (I’m going to assume that.) Nobody’s holding a gun to anyone’s head. (I’m going to assume that, too. If you met Frank, you would.) The men are getting what they want (I’m going to assume you know what I’m talkin’ about.)

I hope the ticas are getting what they want. I’m assuming that is basically relief from (sometimes grinding) poverty and a higher standard of living. Hopefully. Contrary to popular belief, not all gringos are rich as lords, although we certainly are compared to most ticos. There is at least a chance of satisfaction for all involved.  And, hey, surely some couples will find love and companionship. And, actually? It’s a much better idea than that dog of an export business. Lower overhead, if nothing else. And, as Jal points out, a product that doesn’t go bad. At least not right away.

Hey, wait a minute. I think someone needs a stern talking to.

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