Pura_vida_mms We live in a strange and wonderful world. I live in it with my not-so-strange and oh-so-wonderful friend, Jan. Who has kept me supplied with the essentials: Triscuits, fuzzy socks, romantic novels and, now, personalized M&Ms. Who’d a thunk it?

Jan and I met in Los Angeles when we both worked at the Oar House (a bar) and Buffalo Chips (the attached hamburger joint) back in the ’70’s. I fondly refer to those as my wild party girl days: I would drink 3 entire [name your liquor concoction here], giggle relentlessly, than pass out. Talk about your cheap date.

Jan was my roommate and the BEST bartender at the Oar House. When a bartender got a tip, you’d ring your bell. Jan’s bell never stopped. The only thing louder was her laugh. She entertained, she listened, she knew your name. If she knew your story, she never told. She would have a theme for her Saturday night shift complete with costume, lights, props. She taught me a thing or two. When I was awake.

We lost touch for a few years then found each other again. She’d married Henry, Tortilla Chip Magnate and a diver, and they were coming to Key West for a dive trip. I’d been in real estate for few years by that time and, guess what, so was she. We had a good laugh over that! Some things make perfect sense.

Jan is one of those rare True friends. You KNOW if you needed her, she would be there, no excuses, no hemmin’ and hawin’. She knows what’s important. Like chocolate and trashy novels. Yessiree, life is good. Just like those M&Ms were. Pura vida, Saratica

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