I love blogging, writing about our move to Costa Rica, what it’s like, what’s happening, the trials and tribulations, the many joys. I want you ALL to join me here. So, for the most part, politics has no place here unless it is germane to Moving To Costa Rica. Or too funny/scary/ridiculous to not get Honorable Mention. This is all of that and more. Critical, actually:

Friends_of_liberty_1We’re All Prisoners, Now: US Citizens to be Required ”Clearance” to Leave USA

I’ve gotten several emails on this topic from blogosphere friends and seen it mentioned on almost every site I’ve been to. Oddly, the MSM has not covered this that I can find, except FOX. Is FOX considered main stream? Will Keith Olberman, Freedom’s New Voice, do a commentary? I’ll look forward to that! Till then, only FOX has anything on it, a short video on their Homeland Security page (scroll down halfway, video called "Name, Please.")

The video mentions that HS will also be monitoring passengers’ facial expressions. This paints a pretty humorous picture… man, would I love to be on that team! Providing there are benefits. (Of course, there will be benefits. ALL of them. And a fat pension that you all will pay for. Where do I sign up? Oh, wait. I’d have to live in the U.S. Never mind.) SNL would have a field day with this. On reflection, of course, this is anything but funny.

A Google search on "permission to leave the united states" brings up intel only from websites like Friends of Liberty, True Blue Liberal, Free Internet Press, even the Google gambling bulletin board… It may not be a hot topic in the MSM, but it’s a hot topic on the freedom sites. Heck, even Jal wrote about it today.

Although Americans enjoy their freedoms and do not relish losing them, we remain mostly unconcerned. We think It can’t happen to us. On every MSM site I visited, one of the most read stories is the one about Britney’s divorce. That is even a topic for a news channel? E! would carry the story. People magazine. But FOX, CBS, NBC…?

Clearly, I’ve been gone too long.

Like losing your freedom to secure it, like fighting for peace and f–king for viginity, the popularity of Britney’s divorce video joins the list of life’s many baffling enigmas*. To read more about Big Brother’s pathetic twist to freedom, go here to the horse’s mouth.

To see the second scariest thing on the planet, visit my eye photos. EEEEeeeuuuuuwwww.

*I love talk like "baffling enigma" and I tried to find a link that would lay bare the fact that enigma means baffling. You really shouldn’t use baffling as an adjective for enigma. But all I got when I googled "baffling enigma" was 100 links to articles written by 100 different people who all used baffling enigma to describe an enigma. I’m going to ignore this and go shopping for more bookshelves.

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