Costa Rica lives and breathes la fe [pronounced "fey" and meaning faith]. This is an extremely religious country. There are lifesize statutes of Jesus and the Virgin Mary everywhere, many grottos, plenty of nuns and an abundance of churches. Yesterday, my cab driver genuflected and blew kisses at dangerous intersections, graveyards and every church we passed. He’s not the first. La fe is strong here. It’s very comforting. Which, I have come to believe, is the point.

In ruminating on yesterday’s post (and trying not to appear shallow), this might be a good time to point out that, although I like that song, the passion in it, the verve, when it comes to Jesus, I’m actually more of a Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus-person than a Christian
Jesus-person. Particularly when it comes to issues of the day.

PARTICULARLY when dealing with gay issues. Did Jesus turn his back on
his gay friends? I can’t believe he didn’t have any. And I can’t
believe he didn’t welcome them into the fold. If he shunned them,
that would sure take some of the punch out of Christian ethics for me. And let’s face it: any religion that makes overweight men, mostly white, in charge of its interpretation and implementation, is suspect.

Besides, in my next life I’m going to be a lesbian, so me and the Religious Right are never gonna be in sync. Lesbians are so
womanly and no-nonsense. I’ll have to get over the sex thing. The other problem is that I’ll probably pick all the dysfunctional lesbians to be in relationship with…. Jal is my first non-dysfunctional relationship ever. I’m grateful as well as completely surprised and have decided not to become a lesbian as long as we are married. Huge relief to him, I’m sure.

As far as religion, I’m more of a Buddha person. And more inclined to the spiritual than to any dogma. I’m in one of those 12-step programs (hence the anonymity), have been since 5/5/88. Works beautifully for me. You get to completely make up your Higher Power, call s/he/it whatever you want. "Good morning, Doorknob," if that name floats your boat. (OK, is that a dogma?)

I’m all about a connection with something outside of me that is positive and keeps me from thinking I’m in the driver’s seat. Clearly, I’m not! I would never have driven myself to Costa Rica… there’s a lifetime of stuff that never would have happened "to" me had I been truly driving. What a blessing to not be in charge!

But, heck,
whatever works and makes a body think twice before hurting another
person or themselves. Promotes freedom and generosity. Encourages kindness. Keeps us connected.

See? I’m not REALLY shallow.

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