Mr. Lee is an expat living in Jaco. I’ve never met him, but just finished reading about his recent journey to the campo [countryside] in Nicaragua.  I don’t know how I would have fared to tell you the truth. A fascinating tale. Enjoy…

"NICARAGUAN DIARY; or how a nice jewish boy from west orange found himself in the nicaraguan campo

I am on the TICABUS. As scheduled, my 20 year old employee Jairo (Hi-ro), arrived at the house at 6AM and we went over to pick up my friend, farm caretaker, and guide, Efrain (ef-rah-EEN).

We arrive at the bus stop a half hour early. As is usual, the bus stop sits beside a soda (roadside food stand) so we eat empanadas and cokes (figuring it’s going to be a long day). We are headed to Nicaragua to see Efrain’s dad, who he has not seen in 5 years. But before we go to see his dad, we will first journey to Efrain’s home town to see his kids. Efrain’s pueblo, Santa Teresa, is in the Pacific Zone and his dad lives 15 hours away in the Atlantic Zone.

Our 7:30 bus arrives at 8; tico time. The driver and conductor sit in a cockpit which we pass through as we board; the bus is a modern scenic cruiser, with a bathroom and AC. Our “reserved” seats are already occupied so we split up and settle in. I sit next to a young guy and he gets the young babe. He tells me later they are both “evangelicos” and talked religion the whole trip."   Read the rest of the adventure here.

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