When you blog, you "meet" people all over the world who also blog. Bloggers, as I’m sure you have realized by now, are fascinating people. Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. Maybe we are just verbose. Verbose and usually cheerful. I have a blogger friend, Dan in Buenos Aires. He is a chef. After reading his restaurant reviews and recipes for the last few months, I would eat at his kitchen counter any old time.

In the small world category, Dan considered moving to Key West and shopped for real estate there a couple of years ago. He found property too expensive to justify opening a restaurant. Go figure. I didn’t know him then, but we stumbled onto each other a few months ago here in outer space… I love that.

Dan reviews, complete with photos, his visits to the many, many restaurants in Buenos Aires, describing the meal, the flavor, the wine, the service, the ambiance. He also has a small business hosting dinners at his home that sound completely over the top and extraordinary. I dream of hopping on a plane one day just to have dinner at his house. Could I possibly be that spontaneous? Maybe when I have a job…

I’m telling you all this because Dan reads my blog and I need to warn him: DAN, DON’T READ THIS! IT’S TOO HORRIBLE AND OFFENSIVE. Ok, I’ve done my duty. I’m afraid he might suffer a stroke when he sees what they served us on the Air Panama flight between San Jose and David. Not that anyone would expect too much. But I’ve been on a lot of airplanes and this flight meal was definitely over the top.

Flight_meal Mmmm, looks yummy. Watered down juice, a bagged muffin that was more like cake so not completely inedible (I hate half of it), a bag of chip-like artifacts obviously made with pig fat, an old crumbly candy, and cookies that were so rancid and horrible they defy any description at all. You could use them to train dogs. If you starved the dogs first. After touching any of the "food", you are most grateful for the moist towelette.

Haven’t these people ever seen a food pyramid?

The funny thing is, after our San Jose terminal breakfast at Burger King – which was DISGUSTING (imagine the worst oldest greasiest stalest Croissant Sandwich, multiply that by four, and that’s what we had for breakfast), I didn’t think we would ever have a worse meal. HA! Air Panama to the rescue.

Are you ok, Dan?

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