OK, this is absurd. Granny Boo has started eating again. Great. She is ready to die, but her body just won’t quit and is now demanding nourishment. The same miraculous modern medical machine that has kept Megan alive, given her more years with her family, will not allow Granny Boo to die.

My mom is holding up, but just barely. She said last night, Granny Boo was in such pain she yelled "Shoot me." Mom said "If I had a gun, mom, I would." Of course, she wouldn’t. But this keeping GB alive past all desire and reason is no more God’s will than shooting her would be.

Where the hell is Dr. Kavorkian when you need him? Oh right. He’s in jail. For helping sane adults end their tragic lives. This DEFINITELY goes in my God what a world category. I’m starting one now.

Mom also asked Granny Boo if she could get anything for her. Granny Boo said, "Yes, a champagne cocktail." My vote is YES to that!

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