Fresh_rambutan_1 A few years ago, after dining at one of our favorite Key West
restaurants, Ambrosia, we were presented with an odd looking little fruit. We were told it was a lychee, "a delicacy, delicious – please try"! We did and sure enough it was. They are also breathtakingly expensive in the states. We decided to stick to M&Ms and nuts for party snacks…

BeforeHappily, in Costa Reeeeee-ca, land of abundant fruits and vegetables, we’ve found lychee’s relative, rambutan. They are beautiful, taste exactly like a lychee and at 500 colones ($1) per kilo (2.2 lbs), are breathtakingly affordable. Like all the other fruits and vegetables here!

At the farmer’s market in Alajuela yesterday, the boys bought 2 kilos. Plenty of fiber, juicy, not too sweet, odd looking and cheap. These MUST
be good for you! Except the nut: it’s poisonous so don’t eat it!

According to Wikipedia, it’s best to eat rambutan
sparingly – they are very YANG. Gotta balance with a touch of YIN… I’m thinking of serving it up with a little melon and green tea… Yummy!

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