Sweet Jesus, it’s a long haul. Granny Boo is
ready, waiting. If she wasn’t too tired to climb, she’d be taking the
steps two at a time. She is lucid, as comfortable as possible. She is
loved and being cared for. Certainly in no pain. There is nothing wrong
with her but old age and a heart that is quitting EVER so slowly. It is
very sad for us. And confusing. A lesson in not praying for anything
but God’s will. What would we pray for? We have everything but her

Isn’t it ironic I’m busy
doing all these tests to make sure Hal and I don’t die anytime too soon
and that our quality of life is good to the end. I’d much rather go as
Granny Boo is going than almost any other way I can think of, besides
in my sleep without the buildup.

"Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me.
The Carriage held but just ourselves. And Immortality."
                                          Emily Dickinson

Well, Granny Boo is at the curb. Waiting. Dear God…

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