Believe it or not, I’m talking about breakfast here.

Gallo pinto
(GA-jo PEEN-to) is the typical dish of Costa Rica: black beans and
white rice cooked separately, then mixed and cooked with spices. Good gallo pinto
is freshly made – not leftovers as many people suppose. And it will
have a nice zing to it with lots of fresh coriander, nicely sauteed
onions, a little garlic (ok, a lot of garlic), a little jalape├▒o – YUM.

Fold it into a fresh corn tortilla and you’ve got somethin’ goin’ on! Add a dollop of natilla (na-TEE-ja), like sour cream only better, and it borders on heavenly.

Of course, afterwards you need a nap. At 9am. But, hey, everything has a price, right?

Oh, and what does Speckled Cock have to do with any of this? That’s the literal translation of gallo (cock) pinto (speckled).
London has Spotted Dick. We have Speckled Cock. And a very fun new
planter reminiscent of Key West! Whaddya know? We just can’t seem to
escape rooster towns…

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