This is the start of something… something… something good. I’ve finally got the blog set up, need to learn how to put up the photos, etc. Costa Rica provides some spectacular backdrops!

But I gotta say: I miss my buddies in Key West – thinking about Angela today and Gerri Louise and how much help they were to me when we were moving. I think about Judi everyday and wonder how she is. And Raj and Shanta for bringing me food almost every day! Renata helping me pack. Peggy and Uncle Brian are absolutely indispensable… How will we make it here without them? That is a mystery. Penny and Belle. I think I miss Belle most and I rarely see her…

There’s my official buddy, Leslie, who gets me everywhere on time (not a problem here, Leslie. Here we have "tico time"… everyone is late! I fit right in!!!) My sushi buddy, Mary (found a sushi restaurant, Mary, for your visit. It’s really very good. But Masa won’t lose any sleep… there is no place like Ambrosia.) .. the list goes on. You don’t get friends like we have everywhere you go… we have some very special buddies in Key West!

By now, they must be wondering what we are up to and we are determined to share it all. Every dirty little detail. So run get a cocktail, guys and gals (like I have to remind anyone)… the adventure has begun!!!

P.S. Ok, I just figured out to add at least one picture. This is Mo when he arrived in London M
ay ’04. We’d been up all night in those awful airline seats, he watched every movie on every channel including Kill Bill 2. Great. He was asleep as soon as we got in the cab from the airport…

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